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These are programs I worked on years ago. They are coded in VB6, which is rubbish. They are not to be taken seriously. Webapps can do everything and much more than these crappy programs can. But I'm posting them anyway.

Program List

  • AimFight - Compares the popularity of two AIM screennames
  • BandCalc - Converts bits and bytes (internet speed)
  • DosFileName - Finds the shortened DOS path of a file
  • GhettoCPL - Access control panel, even if it's restricted
  • MouseTrax - Mouse distance & clicks + keys pressed. Doesn't seem to work in Win 7 and I'm not fixing it, because it sucks ass.
  • RadarGrabber - Grabs animated radar maps for the NYC Metro area.
  • Terminal Velocity - 2D Racing game. Me, John and Pete's senior programming project. The most ghetto assed game possible.